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excerpt from an interview with thomas persson (editor of acne paper) for interview magazine

PFEIFFER: The editorial line mixes commercial and non-commercial, say, a feature about an organ player, side-by-side with an editorial by Daniel Jackson. Is that contradictory?

PERSSON: No, I don't think so—it's something for the brain, something for the body, and something for the aesthetic eye. Each issue's theme is a like a collection of things. It's an opinion, not an authoritative selection. You have a beginning, a starting point that becomes a journey, and you meet people, along the way—and as a whole, there is a sense of coherence, a complementary beauty in every story featured.

PFEIFFER: So is it a protest against contemporary fashion magazines?

PERSSON: It is. [laughs] Magazines today are only about cars, or technology, or fashion and didn't used to be like that. Vogue in the 1930s and '40s was a magazine about the best of the new: architecture, fashion, literature, it was a whole picture—a big picture, rather than the small picture about hemlines and handbags that a lot of magazines give today. What we look for is things that belong together: clothes, like furniture, opera, and technology, are all part of life.

PFEIFFER: Would you describe the magazine as inherently Scandinavian, in its aesthetics, sensibility?

PERSSON: I suppose so, because, well, Jonny and myself grew up with Scandinavian values. We haven't gone into defining what this exactly means and how it is expressed in the clothes, and we don't want to go and worship our "Scandinavian-ness." But I suppose you could characterize it of a search for purity, sincerity, and a certain austerity too. We wanted to be subtle, classy, and timeless.

PFEIFFER: Is there such a thing as timelessness?

PERSSON: This [points to the Luxembourg gardens] is timeless. An Irving Penn photo, an Ingmar Bergman movie, are timeless. It is about always being relevant, regardless of trends. It's a search for universality—that's the aim and that's a huge one, but that's the filter that we try to put everything through.

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1  alden blucher in natural chrome excel

2  rachel comey derringer in mud